Possible problems and steps to take.

  1. Wrong voltage – Evaluate voltage as close to pump as possible – EQD (Electrical Quick Disconnect.) Check nameplate for proper voltage. Example: The factory does not recommend 208 V for 240 V pumps.
  2. Breather plugged – Inspect breather to determine if it is plugged or damaged. Replace the Gore Tex if the 2000 or AMGP breathers are plugged. Contact Redmond Environmental if unsure how to replace the Gore-Tex.
  3. Fluid level –Make sure fluid level is correct. Low fluid level might be related to alarm wiring, sensing line or alarm switch problems. Contact Redmond Environmental if questions about the wiring.
  4. Damaged or wet controls – Evaluate the electronic controls. Replace damaged or wet controls.
  5. Controls not working – Evaluate controls. Contact Redmond Environmental if questions.