Redmond 200R Series Pump

The Redmond 200R is a custom designed progressing cavity type grinder pump, with check valve and all necessary controls packaged into a single unit, ready to connect.

The pump grinds solids into FINE particles that allow for easy passage through the pump, check valve and small diameter pipe lines... even objects that should not be in sewage (plastic, rubber, fiber, wood, etc.). Wear-resistant and durable stainless steel cutter wheel helps pass the material through the piping with ease. The 1 1/4" inch discharge connection can be adapted to any piping materials which meets local code requirements.

An internal check valve assembly in the Grinder Pump is custom designed for non-clog, trouble-free operation.

The Grinder Pump is automatically activated and, because it runs infre- quently and for very short periods, its annual electric energy consumption is typically that of a low watt light bulb.

Units are available for indoor and outdoor installations.

1 HP, 1725 rpm, high torque, capacitor start, thermally protected, 240 or 120 volt, 60 hertz, 1 phase

Control Panel
NEMA 4X, UL-listed disconnect panel includes (2) 15 AMP Breakers (1 pole alarm, 2 pole power), push to silence alarm button, push to run button, audible and visual alarms.

Discharge Connections:
Pump Discharge terminates in 1 1/4 inch NPT female thread. Can easily be adapted to 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe or any other material required by local codes.

Discharge: *

  • 15 gpm at 0 psig
  • 11 gpm at 40 psig
  • 9 gpm at 60 psig
Overload Capacity:
Maximum pressure which pump can generate is limited by the motor. Automatic reset feature does not require manual operation following overload.

  • Residential Wastewater
  • Light Commercial
  • 1 ¼-inch slide face discharge connection is adaptable to any existing discharge piping.

Click here for the exploded pump assembly